Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Swivl's Recap

From the makers of the Swivl, Recap is a video response app that makes the process of collecting student feedback a breeze! View the introductory video to see it in action.

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Students can easily allow their webcam and microphone on their device and share video feedback to a teacher's unit or lesson.

Students simply connect to the teacher's class with a CLASS PIN:

From there, they click on their PROFILE ICON:

When/if their teacher has assigned a RECAP, a RESPOND NOW button appears:

The question and, if applicable, the video prompt will appear on the following screen.  The student clicks RESPOND to begin the recording process:

The student will need to enable their camera and microphone on their device:

Once the student clicks the RECORD button, RECAP provides a 3-second count down to begin the recording:

 After the student previews and approves the video, they click SUBMIT to send the final video submission to their teacher:

Teachers can view student responses on their ACTIVITY page:
Teachers can submit comments to their students after viewing their video responses:

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