Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Post-It Plus

What is Post-it Plus?

The Post-it® Plus App allows you to capture notes, organize, share with everyone, and access from ANYWHERE! It is that easy!

    Capture multiple notes (up to 50 at a time)
·         Combine groups
·         Create digital notes
·         Organize notes
·         Share with others
·         Work as a team
·         Work on all devices

There are some great brainstorming and planning apps for smartphones (sticky notes, Padlet, Popplet) and a new app from the makers of Post-it Notes combines the traditional tool with a digital platform.  Post-it Plus is a super cool app that lets users snap a picture of their post-it notes and the app will recognize each individual sticky – creating digital sticky notes.  You can then move them around your screen and organize them into groups.  It is a great way for kids to collect their stop-and-jots in one place whether they are using post-it notes in Reader’s Workshop or when conducting research for a writing project.

Classroom Ideas:
We love the idea of exit tickets and especially digital exit tickets.  We think having students quickly reflect on what they learned and giving instant feedback is a powerful tool in the classroom. However, the reality of exit tickets can sometimes make their implementation cumbersome.  In addition, we are not 1:1 so having students use digital exit tickets sharing devices is cumbersome.  Here is an idea of how to use any type of post-its and a free app on your smartphone for painless and easy digital exit tickets. You can use the free Post-It Plus app on your iPhone or iPad to take a picture/scan of the post-its and save them. You can use this free app to save post-its you have collected on anchor charts or brainstorms as well.

Try it as a replacement for card sorting activities when looking at the causes, effects, and responses to a geographical event. Students have a board with Post-It notes already added and then have to arrange the statements into the different categories. They can even divide these even further, for example arranging the causes group into human causes and physical causes. As an extension activity, students receive another source of information such as an article, website or video.  They add any new findings as additional Post-It notes to their board.

This app is also a great tool to facilitate group work and carousels. One example could be when students are working in groups, with each researching a different topic. The group could record their findings on Post-It notes. Following on, as part of a carousel, groups could then rotate and capture the Post-It notes of each group and arrange them on a single board.

After scanning and saving the Post-Its, you can organize saved groups of Post-Its onto boards.  From there you can opt to export your Post-Its to .pdf, PowerPoint, or Excel or upload to Google docs for further collaboration.

Check This Out! 
You can even add colored squares with text to PowerPoint, Google Slides, or ActivInspire file and have students capture it with the app...Saving even more paper! J

Open the Post-it Plus app and try to capture the "notes" below.

 If you have any thoughts on the Post-It Plus App or if you are willing to share how you have been using it in your classroom, tag us on Twitter #kisdpd. We look forward to learning with you. 

Additional Resources:

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Google Forms File Upload

Have you ever wanted to collect files from your students or team?  Consider using the FILE UPLOAD feature found in Google Forms.
  1. While in a Google form, click the button to insert a NEW item:
  2. Select the FILE UPLOAD question type in the drop-down list:
  3. Click CONTINUE:
  4. Complete the question properties form:
  5. If applicable, click next to ALLOW ONLY SPECIFIC FILE TYPES and select the desired file type(s):
  6. Select the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF FILES number:
  7. By default, the MAXIMUM FILE SIZE the form will accept is set to 1 MB.  Adjust this, if needed:
  8. By default, the TOTAL file size the form will accept is 1 GB. Adjust this, if needed.  To do so, click CHANGE:

  9. Note the helpful tools in the lower, right corner of the question window - COPY QUESTION, DELETE, REQUIRED, and SHOW DESCRIPTION (found beneath the MORE menu):
A folder can be found in the form owner's Google Drive containing any file uploads.

Find more information at Google Support

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Way to Sway

Guest Post by Cameron Yancy

What is Sway?

Microsoft Sway is a Microsoft tool that allows you to create interactive presentations.

Start from a Topic

Sway has some really cool features that you can utilize for your students to make standard presentations work for you, not against you.  A feature you can utilize to diversify your presentations is the START FROM A TOPIC feature:

This feature allows you to enter in a specific topic (ex: Roman History) and it will generate an outline with different cards (Sway's version of slides) pertaining to the topic. (ex: Language, Military, Geography, etc..).

Note About Copyright

One thing that is not only important to Microsoft but Keller ISD is copyright. Using this outline does NOT allow students to copy the word helpers provided by Sway.  It is assumed that one using Sway would replace the information with their original work.

Accessing Sway

  1. Navigate to
    Keller ISD: Navigate to KCLOUD
  2. Enter your login credentials
  3. Click SWAY:

Getting Started

View this video to get started:

Other Tutorials

Access Microsoft's full line of video tutorials here.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


If you want to add a little engagement to your class, Mentimeter is the tool for you! With their many slide templates to choose from, students will finally have a reason to utilize their mobile devices for learning!

  1. First, sign up for a teacher account here.
  2. Next, click the button.
  3. Once your account has been created, dive into your first presentation.  Click the button.
  4. Enter a NAME for the presentation and define the PRESENTATION SETTINGS:

  5. Select a SLIDE TYPE along the right side of the screen:
  6. In this example, the WORD CLOUD  type will be selected:

  7. Select the applicable CONTENT and CONTENT SETTINGS.  In this example, the question, entries per voter, and profanity filter properties will be selected:

  8. Once the slides are complete, click the button.
  9. In order to interact, have the students access the prompt at and enter the provided code:

  10. The word cloud example can be pictured below:


Currently, there is no limitation on number of participants, however there is a maximum of two questions and five quiz questions per presentation. Read more about payment options and limitations here.

Additional Help

Learn more by accessing the Mentimeter support page or by viewing past Mentimeter webinars.

Monday, November 27, 2017

OneNote - The Home of Your Archives

Guest Post by Jeremy Smith

What is OneNote?

OneNote is a user-friendly online notepad that automatically saves your entries so you can never lose it. OneNote gives you the freedom of your own customization through drawing, text, and voice-recording. In your notes, you can add documents, forms, and many other things provided from Microsoft. OneNote also helps with organization of notes and documents so you never lose them.

How to Login

  1. Navigate to
    Keller ISD: Navigate to KCLOUD
  2. Enter your login credentials
  3. Click OFFICE 365:
  4. Click ONEDRIVE:
  6. Name the notebook
    TIP:  click OPEN IN ONENOTE if you would like to open in the OneNote desktop software:

Why Use OneNote?

OneNote is a great tool for teachers to use for organizing their daily school tasks. From note-taking, to to-do lists, teachers can make sure they will never lose their important work and notes for their class. OneNote also gives teachers the freedom to be creative in organizing and note-taking by providing a blank template where the possibilities are endless. For example, a OneNote notebook can consist of:
  • doodling/drawings
  • imported documents
  • assignments in many formats (tables, text, etc.)
  • .... and many other features

How to Insert Documents

Directions written for the OneNote Online version
  1. Go to the INSERT tab
  2. Select FILE ATTACHMENT or FILE PRINTOUT (whichever applies):
    Insert as Attachment - will create a shortcut to the file attached
    Insert PDF Printout - will paste the entire document into your notes

How to Add a New Section or Page

Directions written for the OneNote Online version

Complete the steps below to add a new section of notes:
  1. Click the button at the lower left corner of the screen
  2. Click the   button at the lower left corner of the screen

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Do You Kahoot!?

What Is Kahoot?

Kahoot! Is a free game-based student response system. Students and teachers can use ANY web-enabled device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and all smartphones, with this web-based service. Add videos, images, and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement.

Students DO NOT need an account to use Kahoot! No usernames or passwords to forget!

All results can be emailed or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet or saved to Google Drive.

Take it to the next level by having students create their own questions and/or Kahoot! games for review.  Social learning promotes discussion and pedagogical impact.

What will you do with Kahoot! in your classroom? #kisdpd

How Does Kahoot! Work?

1.     Teacher will login or create an account at and select a quiz to play.
2.   Students will go to on their web-enabled device.
3.   Teacher will give Game Pin to students by showing on a projected screen.
NOTE: Questions will play on projected screen NOT on the student device.
4.   Students will enter the Game Pin (given by the teacher or shown on screen) and their Name.
5.   Teacher will begin using Kahoot! with students
6.   You can create funny, appropriate nicknames in Kahoot!
7.   Watch the quick 90 second video below to see it in action! 

Using Kahoot!

 1.     Create your own quizzes or edit/save quizzes created by others.
2.   Search/view public quizzes shared by users.
3.   Create quizzes, discussions based on one question, or surveys.
4.   See how many times your quizzes have been played and shared.
5.   Download/save results to Google Drive or Microsoft Excel.
6.   Play a quiz a second time in Ghost Mode, students play against themselves.

Additional Resources

·         Kahoot! Knowledge Base by Kahoot!
·         How to Use Kahoot in the Classroom by We Are Teachers
·         How to Share and Save Kahoot With Others! by Peppy Zesty Teacherista

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Google File Stream

What is Google Drive File Stream?

File Stream is a new Google feature that provides a shortcut to your MY DRIVE files on your computer. After installing, a MY DRIVE shortcut will appear on your desktop where all items from your Drive will be streamed. Google Drive File Stream saves storage on your computer and saves time while not having to wait on syncing. Even though streaming requires an internet connection, the option to download files and folders to your computer directly is still available.

How to Use It?

  1. LOG INTO Google
  2. Go to DRIVE
  3. Click the SETTINGS GEAR in the top right corner:
  5. Choose the appropriate DOWNLOAD button.
  6. Run the googledrivefilestream file (WIN) or the DriveFileStream.dmg (MAC) to download the application
  7. Once it downloads, login with the Google Drive account.
  8. The file stream will appear in the File Explorer (WIN) or Finder (MAC) window named Google Drive File Stream and all of your folders and files will appear there.
  9. When you open a file, Google file types will “stream” in a web browser or you can open in other apps such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.
Watch this video to view how to install and use Google File Stream: