Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Why Do I Need Toby?

Have you ever realized that you have over 20 tabs open in your web browser?  If you can relate to this, then Toby is for you!  Toby allows you to organize your tabs into COLLECTIONS.  These collections can easily be accessed over and over again.  This productivity tool can save you TONS of time searching, opening, and closing tabs.

Getting Started

Start by watching the introduction video found at  There, you will find a link to the browser extension. Create a TOBY account and add the extension to your browser.

Getting Organized with Collections

  1. Once logged in, click the PLUS SIGN in the lower, right corner to create a COLLECTION:
  2. Enter a collection name in the top, left corner:
  3. The collection will remain empty until you drag one or more of the open tabs into it:

Adding Notes

Collections can also hold NOTES that may serve the user by providing a starting point for their work. To add a note to a collection, click the THREE DOTS to the right of the collection and select ADD NOTE:

Saving a Session

To save the entire web browser session, click SAVE SESSION in the top, right corner.  Toby will save the session under a new collection labeled with the date and time.

Other Useful Tips

  • Add multiple collections to organize your work
  • Open a NEW TAB to explore TOBY and learn more
  • Check out the TOBY FAQ page for additional information

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Empress with Emojis

We are now living in a quick-paced, digital world and must communicate as much as we can in a small amount of words or visuals.  If you are reading this Digital Learning blog, you are probably already using emojis, bitmojis, etc. It is now easier than ever to utilize these expressive tools in your other communication and productivity apps in addition to your texting/messaging app on your mobile device.  Listed below are a few we think you will like...

Begin by placing the cursor where you would like your emoji to go (for example, a textbox on a slide, an email, or a document):

Windows 10

When using the Windows 10 OS, press the WINDOWS and PERIOD keys simultaneously to view an emoji window:
The emoji will be inserted at the cursor location (if the application supports emojis).


When using the Mac OS, press the COMMAND, CONTROL, and SPACEBAR keys simultaneously to view an emoji window:
 The emoji will be inserted at the cursor location (if the application supports emojis). allows users to search a database of emojis and paste them into another application. Simply navigate to the site, use the SEARCH field or navigate to a specific category.  While at the desired emoji, click the COPY button:

Access the desired application and place the cursor in a preferred location.  PASTE.  The emoji will be inserted at the cursor location (if the application supports emojis).

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has recently added the checkbox option. Simply click INSERT > CHECKBOX in the SHEETS app:

An application of this tool for educators is a simple checklist as shown below:
Google SHEETS gives the value of FALSE to the unchecked cells and the value of TRUE to the checked cells.

In order to sort the data with the checkboxes grouped all together, select the range:

Then, select DATA > SORT RANGE.  Select whether or not the data has a header row, select the preferred column in the SORT BY section, and select either A-Z to place the checked checkboxes at the bottom of the column or Z-A to place the checked checkboxes at the top of the column.

Learn more about the new checkboxes feature here.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Sched Tips

Keller ISD teachers will be attending Keller University this summer! In order to create a fantastic schedule full of learning and fun, note the tips when using found in this post.  Happy scheduling!

NOTE: The following directions apply to the desktop version of

Filtering by TYPE and SUBTYPE

Utilize the right side of the screen to filter by type.  To filter, hover the mouse on the desired TYPE and either click the TYPE or pull out to the left and select a SUBTYPE.
NOTE: The subtype is not available on the mobile version of

Search for a Specific Session

To search for a specific session, enter the search criteria in the SEARCH field found in the top, right corner of the screen and click SEARCH

Adding a Session to Your Schedule

To add a session to your schedule, do one of the following:

  1. Click the radio button to add a checkmark to the left of the desired class:
  2. Hover on the desired session, and select ADD TO MY SCHED in the drop-down menu that appears:
NOTE: There are three labels that sched uses:

Limited: Session has capacity
Filling: Session is 75% full
Full.  Session is full
Waitlisted: You have been waitlisted

View Your Schedule

In order to view your schedule, click the  button found on the lower, left corner of your screen. You can remove classes, print and/or email the schedule, and explore mobile options from this screen:

Removing a Session

To remove a session from your schedule, click the checkmark to the left of the session name found in the MY SCHED section (see VIEW YOUR SCHEDULE above on how to access this) or anywhere in the KU schedule of classes where you see a checkmark indicating a registered session.

NOTE: Unregistered classes do NOT have a checkmark; Registered classes are indicated with a checkmark.

Special Messages you May See:

Sched will not allow you to double-book.  Select classes that are consecutive, but not at the same time.  If you attempt to double-book, you may see this message:

 If you register for a session that is FULL, you will be placed on a WAITLIST and receive this message:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Assigning Tasks in Google Docs

Specific items can be assigned to others within your organization using G Suite's comments.  Watch the video below for a quick preview on how to utilize the comments from within a Google file.

Learn more in Doc editors Help

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Google Drive

Google Drive DESKTOP App Shut Down

The Google Drive desktop application for both Mac and PC is being shut down on May 12th, 2018. 

Google Drive File Stream

Google Drive File Stream, a desktop application that allows you to quickly access all of your Google Drive Files on your computer, will be replacing the Google Drive desktop application for Mac and PC.

Help with Google Drive File Stream

For directions on how to Backup/Sync your Google Drive files and how to delete the Google Drive desktop application, go to Google Drive Help. For instructions on how to install Google File Stream, visit our KISD Digital Learning Blog.

Other Google Apps

It is important to know that this shutdown will not impact other Google Drive services. If you do not transition to Drive File Stream or Backup and Sync by May 12th, updates to files will stop syncing between your computer and Drive on that date.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a FREE tool that allows users to create a post (graphic), a page (webpage) and a video.  After creating an account, click the PLUS SIGN to create a new item:


Select a template or start from scratch. The following example was created from scratch. Follow the prompts to enter a topic.

While text is selected, utilize the STYLE and WORDS tabs in the right window pane to change font, spacing, color, etc.:
While text is selected, utilize the top menu of tools to edit, order, or delete the text:
While a graphic or background is selected, utilize the PHOTO FILTERS and COLOR OPTIONS in the right window pane to change the image or color:
While a graphic or background is selected, utilize the top menu of tools to replace images, scale/rotate images, or delete images:
Click the button to add items to the post:

Use the DOWNLOAD button to download a JPG file or the SHARE button to share the graphic via a link:


Adobe Spark walks users straight through how to design a beautiful webpage.  From Adobe Spark, select the PLUS SIGN > PAGE

After selecting, PAGE, Add a title and subtitle.  Continue to follow the prompts to add images:
Adobe Spark offers various ways to import images into the page:
The image is place into the background of the page:
Use the PLUS SIGN to add additional objects and features, such as photos, text, buttons, video, photo grids, and glideshows:
NOTE:  Additional options are available depending on the embedded object.
Use the SETTINGS, PREVIEW, and SHARE buttons at the top to add/remove the header and footer, preview the page, or share the page:


From Adobe Spark, select the PLUS SIGN > VIDEO. Enter the TITLE:
Select a template or click START FROM SCRATCH.  The following example was created from scratch. Utilize the right window pane for options such as MUSIC, THEME, and LAYOUT:
 Use the PLUS SIGN to add elements to the video:
Click the MICROPHONE button to record narration over the video:
Add NEW SLIDES, PLAY the video, and view the TIMELINE in the bottom section of the screen:

Use the PREVIEW, SHARE, and DOWNLOAD buttons at the top as needed:

Find more support here for Adobe Spark.