Thursday, June 17, 2021

#tbt Toy Theater


If you missed our post from last August on Toy Theater, you will want to check it out now! This is a collection of tools that isn't just for 2020! Toy Theater houses a collection of educational games with kid-friendly graphics that your students will ❤️! Although the site is geared toward elementary, there are many basic teacher tools such as dice, a spinner, a timer, stopwatches, and more! The time is NOW for you to explore this safe library of educational tools. 

Access the #tbt Digital Tips, Tricks, & Tools August 2020 blog post
Access Toy Theater

Thursday, May 27, 2021

New Teacher Devices are on the WAY!

 Keller ISD Technology has great things in store for the 😎SUMMER😎! 

1️⃣ Teachers in 5th through 12th Grades were notified by email on Friday, May 21st that it's time to refresh your laptop. You will be turning in your Dell laptop over the summer for a new Microsoft Surface Book 3 at your appointment. (Please locate your May 21st email for the link to the appointment bookings and availability.) 

The Surface Book 3 (13.5" screen) is a powerful device with great functionality for teaching and learning in your classroom.

πŸ’» Open, detach and flip your screen to use your device as a tablet
πŸ’» Ink on your screen with the Surface Pen

πŸ‘©‍πŸ«πŸ‘¨‍🏫 Concerned about changing devices? That's normal. We promise you are going to love this new one. We have training ready to go and support by our KISD Geniuses at your appointment. Come ready to learn!

2️⃣ Teachers in Pre-K through 4th Grades will also be getting a new device SOON! Please watch your email for information on turning in your Dell laptop in exchange for your new Apple MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air with the Apple M1 chip is also a powerful device. 

πŸ’» It nicely compliments your Teacher iPad and student iPads in the classroom.
πŸ’» Each classroom will also be receiving an Apple TV to complete your Apple ecosystem of devices. 


πŸ‘©‍πŸ«πŸ‘¨‍🏫 Concerned about changing from a Windows device to MacOS? We get it. You can start by looking at Mac tips for Windows switchers and What's it called on my Mac? prior to getting your device. We are currently hard on work developing training for this group and will be ready to support this switch.

πŸ‘‰What do YOU need to know?

  • Wait for your email and THEN schedule your laptop refresh appointment with our team.
  • Laptop Refresh will be conducted this summer by the KISD Genius Team at KCAL. Check your email for details.
  • Prior to arriving for your appointment, please BACKUP all of your files from your Dell to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Be sure to ONLY come at your verified appointment time. We will NOT have your device ready if you 'stop by' without an appointment.
  • Email any questions to

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Who Should I Follow?


Summer can be a time of reflection and growth.... especially THIS SUMMER following one unique and trying year! Fortunately, professional development and learning can look so different than it did just a few years ago. Improvement and ideation for a busy teacher may happen with a quick scan of an edtech blog post in line at the grocery store. Learning may be a busy mom doing laundry while listening to a student-led podcast. This new "anytime, anywhere" learning could be a busy coach taking part in an online book study... or what about a few extrovert educators chatting during an informal #CoffeeEDU at a local coffee shop (hint... hint.... note that @EdTechKISD is hosting TWO #CoffeeEDU sessions this summer! Mark your calendar for June 24th and July 14th)?

In addition to the above mentioned alternative forms of PD, Twitter has become a place where many educators have begun to congregate and share ideas. One main problem with this atypical form of professional learning is - you need to know who to follow! Before you leave for summer break and consider using social media to take part in a little summer learning, we wanted to give you a starting place. Might we suggest a few of our favorites?

Jake Miller

Jake Miller has a ton of credentials but note that he was listed on the Top 30 to Follow in 2020 list!

Matt Miller

Known for his practical and creative ideas, useful templates, and his book, Ditch that Textbook.

Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent is an edtech enthusiast and often shares all things creative. He also offers online creative courses.

Desiree Alexander

Founder of Educator Alexander Consulting; always sharing useful edtech tips and is so fun to hear.

Kasey Bell/Shake Up Learning

Kasey Bell specializes in preparing educators for Google certifications and Google Workspace use.

Our favorite follow of all; Content created by student geniuses and the Keller ISD EdTech team.

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Keller University attendees: Be sure to sign up for Janet Corder's Who Should You Be Following session (#286) happening June 8 @12:00pm to continue the learning on this topic!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Clean Up, Clean Up! LMS Everywhere


The end of the school year is nearing and we are starting to think about wrapping things up. Our learning management systems and other online courses need to come to and end and be saved for next year. Where do  you start? 


If you have a KISD rostered class, there is no reason to archive! Your Seesaw classes will automatically archive! However, if you have a teacher created course, you will need to archive yourself under class settings.

District rostered classes will carry the student portfolio with the student to the next teacher. In teacher created classes, parents and students will need to download their past work before they lose it. 

Here is a quick link for families to download their student’s work. They have 60 days from the date the teacher archives the class to download the student’s journal. Seesaw will let families know when a teacher archives the class and items will be lost. 

Warning, if you had a student move mid year, their work might not follow them. 

Something to remember: Your classes are automatically rostered by the school district and when using rostered classes, the students and family accounts automatically carry over and connect one year to the next. So, if the previous teacher used a rostered class, portfolios will carry over, and families will automatically be connected to the new teachers. 

With the year winding down, you might have time to organize your lessons you spent this past year making and mastering. Seesaw allows you to make collections and organize them! Then you can share them out to your school library to create that school wide community of amazing Seesaw content! 

Google Classroom

Classroom makes it so simple to archive classes at the end of your term or school year! It is best practice to archive Google Classrooms so students cannot continue to get into them and exploit the stream while the teacher is not explicitly monitoring the online content. Once you archive your class, do not fear! Google allows you to go back into your archived classrooms and make a copy to use all of the wonderful content you made this year and use it in your new school year! 


If you are using a rostered class from the district, then your class will manually conclude at the end of May. Teacher created courses should also conclude at the end of May if you set your class timeline to  “Term”  in settings when the course was created. 

Your content is not gone when you conclude a course! It will now live in “Past Enrollments” which you can get to in the navigation menu on the left under Courses -- All Courses -- Past Enrollments.

When you are ready to reuse the content, find the previous courses in Past Enrollments and make a copy of the course to your new district rostered course! 

Viola, you are ready to go enjoy the summer sun and outdoors! 

Monday, May 3, 2021

TCEA Free Membership!

TCEA stands for Texas Computer Education Association, and it is a membership-based group dedicated to the advancement of technology in education. The organization's main emphasis is on incorporating technology into the PreK-16 community and providing participants with fantastic conferences, seminars, lunch and learn sessions, newsletters, and other resources.

Join TCEA or renew your membership for a year, but please don't wait. You have until 5:00 PM on Friday, May 7, 2021, to join for FREE!  

PLUS: Educators who join or renew this week will receive a free ebook! 

Members receive access to the following: 
  • TCEA Online Community
  • Professional Learning 
  • PD Library
  • ... and so much more!

Please be sure to follow us on Twitter @EdTechKISD, like us on Facebook EdTechKISD, and follow us on Instagram @edtechkisd πŸ˜€.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Seesaw is Making Progress with the NEW PROGRESS Tool

Progress in Seesaw just dropped yesterday afternoon!

Did you notice? Your toolbar in Seesaw changed for the better with the new PROGRESS tool. The Progress feature gives you a way to simplify your teacher workflow and to efficiently view and better understand students' progress in Seesaw. Note: Progress is only available on the web at this time.

PROGRESS simplifies workflow with two views:


The activities view gives you insight into student engagement by viewing activity completion and identifying trends.
  • This view allows you to see at a glance where your students are in regards to Activity completion. You can filter by STUDENT, FOLDER or SKILLS on the right.

  • The indicators show a student's individual progress with each Activity.

  • In addition, hovering on a student name or an activity name will provide a quick summary. 

  • Clicking on a student name will provide a PROGRESS REPORT with links to ALL activities for that date range. This report can be copied and then emailed to students or families. 


The skills view helps you hone in on student mastery of key skills or standards they are working towards.

  • All of the skills tagged to student work will show across the top in your chosen date range. 

  • The number will indicate the number of pieces of work tagged with that particular skill.

  • The color will indicate the most recent piece of work tagged with that mastery rating. Color ratings can be set by user under Class Settings > Progress > Skills Rating Scale.

Information on PROGRESS from Seesaw

Note: Progress is a part of our Seesaw for Schools subscription in Keller ISD.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

There are No Cons with IconsMania


It's no joke! The rumor is true! The makers of SlidesMania! have launched πŸŽπŸ’»IconsMania! πŸ ✏️ When creating choice boards, agendas, infographics, and other visuals for students, consider using this free tool!

Features you Can Benefit From:

For a full step-by-step on how to use IconsMania!, click here.